Young Investigator Spotlight Spring 2020 Hultman: Brain connectivity and depression vulnerability

Rainbo Hulman, PhD was on Young Invesitgator Spotlight in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Spring magazine: Rainbo Hultman aims to identify molecular targets that affect or alter network-level electrical patterns in the brain, seeking network-based therapeutics for depression.

Depression probably has a lot of different underlying causes, and because of this, we might have better success treating it if we can individualize treatments. We need to find what each individual person's challenge is and develop therapeutics for that particular underlying mechanism.”                                                                                                                                                                 -Rainbo Hultman, PhD, assistant professor of molecular physiology and biophysics

Dr Rainbo also mentioned that there are so many different brain systems that seem to be coordinated and involved in this very timely way where the timing is really critical in how coherent or how well two [brain] regions are talking to one another, but then also how those larger patterns are changing together over time matters a lot.