Nicole Hobson

Nicole is an honors student going to the University of Iowa for a Biomedical Sciences B.S., certificate in Global Health Studies, and Spanish minor. Her goals are to attend medical school in order to help patients and improve medicine. She’s interested in the effects stress can have on organisms and furthering mental health research

Priyanka Srinivasan

Priyanka is an honors student on the Pre-medicine track and is majoring in Human Physiology with a Chemistry minor. She hopes to become a pediatrician in the future, but does not know exactly what she wants to specialize in. She is excited to explore different mechanisms to find ways to help individuals with neurological diseases and disorders.

Julia Miller

Julia is currently a Biomedical Science major and Chemistry minor within the Honors program, and her primary interests involve studying complex diseases in the areas of neurobiology and neurogenetics. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference for people who suffer from neurological disorders, and in the near term she is planning on applying to PhD programs.

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